Creating products, building brands, and transforming lives. 

At PDC, our mission is to become one of the leading companies in mass consumer goods in Latin America while transforming lives around us. 

Our history

We have extensive experience in the acquisition and distribution of leading brands. We started out with a long history in distribution and uphold high values such as work, humility, and passion for collaborating closely and as a team with all our collaborators. 

In 2014, we acquired Magia Blanca. Over the years we have worked to continue positioning this brand in the region and expanding it to other countries in Latin America. 

In 2020, we acquired Australian with the mission of continuously contribute to the nutrition and development of Latin American families through the best quality and innovation. 

Over time, we developed other food and dairy brands. And we have been building a portfolio of cleaning, protection, disinfection, and nutrition products in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Peru. 

We remain committed to creating quality products and building brands that represent our values: respect, entrepreneurship, integrity, and extraordinary results. 

PDC through time

It all started with a dream shaped by Carlos Paiz Andrade, taking his first steps with the store La Bombita in 1928. Carlos, with his entrepreneurial spirit and his quest to transform Guatemala through education and knowledge, forged the legacy known in everything PDC has been and will be in its history. 


This legacy was continued by Sergio Paiz Adrade, who grew and transformed our organization into a leader in Guatemala, along with his vision to seek inclusive development in the country through technology. His leadership, closeness to people, and authenticity laid the foundations of the organization that has gone from being a leader in Guatemala to dreaming of being a leader in Latin America. 


FUNSEPA was founded in memory of Sergio Paiz Andrade, who strongly believed in technology as a tool to promote the development of Guatemala. The Sergio Paiz Andrade Foundation (FUNSEPA) seeks to contribute to the development of Guatemala by enhancing education through technology.


Salvador and Sergio Paiz acquire CODISA, a leading distribution company in Guatemala, with the dream of turning it into the leading brand development company in the region. 


With PDC Capital business growing and looking for more ways to Transform Lives in the region, Paiz del Carmen consolidates as a family business along with PDC Consumo, which was born from the integration of the operations of CODISA. All of this aims to provide capital and leading consumer goods in the region, with the main goal of improving the life quality of Latin American people and families. 

TIMELINE_Magia Blanca

PDC acquired Magia Blanca, the leading bleach brand, from Procter & Gamble. Over these years, Grupo PDC has worked to continue positioning the brand in the region and expanding it to other countries in Latin America. 


PDC acquired Dkasa in Peru, a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of home care and cleaning products.  


The next step for the territorial expansion of PDC was de acquisition of Australian, with the mission of continuously contribute to the nutrition and development of Latin American families. 


This same year, DIZAC, a leading distribution company of consumer goods in El Salvador, was also integrated to Grupo PDC. 


Currently, we have an extensive portfolio of brands commercialized across Latin America.

We manage operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Peru, and have indirect operations in Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

We have more than 2,000 collaborators.

We look towards the future

“We are on our way to become one of the leading consumer companies in Latin America as we live our purpose of transforming lives within and beyond PDC.”