About us


We are a company that operates multiple business units with presence from Mexico to Colombia.

PDC Companies:

  • Products:
    Industrial and consumer products.
  • Distribution:
    Consumer products, industrial products and promotional services.
  • Services:
    Operational, finance, hospitality and consulting.

Our purpose in  PDC is Transforming Lives. We transform lives internally through an excellent work environment and by providing growth opportunities to our employees. Externally, we transform lives by our Dejando Huella (Leaving a Footprint) program that seeks to improve schools in the countries where we operate.

Our values:


La Bombita


La Bombita

Carlos Paiz Ayala bought the store called  “La Bombita”. Over time, the store expanded in assortment and space until it became Almacenes Paiz.



Compañía Distribuidora, S.A. was founded in 1974. It is currently the leading distribution company of consumer products in Guatemala, distributing leading brands of both, global companies and PDC.



Fundación Sergio Paiz Andrade, the main objective of the foundation is to contribute to the quality of the education in Guatemala through technology. It has benefited more than 500,000 children and trained 80,000 teachers.
PDC Capital


PDC Capital

PDC Capital is created, the finance division of PDC. It focuses on structuring  financial solutions to companies in the Latin American region.



The family business Paiz del Carmen (Grupo PDC) is consolidated under a single group. The organization believes in the potential of the human capital of the region and invests in companies that improve the quality lives of people.
Cloro Magia Blanca


Magia Blanca

The acquisition of chlorine leader brand Magia Blanca and its P&G operation in the region. The integration fo the P&G operations into PDC was a huge success which included the retention of all its staff, several labor condition improvements and a string of innovations to it’s production facility.
PDC México


México Expansión

Operations begin in Mexico with the distribution of Shell Lubricants. Currently, there is a direct presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Sinaloa and an indirect presence across the nation through several strategic business partners.


Honduras Expansion

Operations begin in Honduras with the distribution of Shell Lubricants.
PDC Colombia


Colombia Expansion

PDC Capital expands its regional reach to Colombia.


Our effort to fulfill our Purpose of Transforming Lives has been recognized and rewarded thanks to the extraordinary results of our team.

Distribuidora Consumo

Distributor of the year for Latin America Kellogg's, 2018.

Distribuidora Industria

Best distributor in Latin America for Shell Operation Mexico, 2017.

Distribuidora Industria

Top performance in Mexico for MD, 2017.


Distribuidora Consumo

MVP Pringles, 2016.

Distribuidora Industria

Best distributor in Latin America for Shell Operation Guatemala, 2016.

Distribuidora Consumo

Best distributor in Latin America for 3M, 2015.

Distribuidora Industria

Top MD with Guatemala, 2015.