"to laugh"


Respect for people and commitment to their success


Espíritu empresarial interno a través de la economía interna.


Primero perderíamos dinero antes que nuestra reputación.

Result that are extraordinary

Conducidos a través de la gestión del rendimiento y excelencia operativa


Transform Lives

We fulfill our purpose of Transforming Lives, internally within the organization through great work environments and growth opportunities for our associates; externally by offering products and services that add value to families and through our foundation and volunteer programs.


It is PDC's social responsibility program that focuses on improving the educational quality of children in the countries where we operate. We benefit public schools in Guatemala through multiple volunteering during the year to improve the infrastructure of the schools and donated computers through our FUNSEPA foundation.

+ 1,515 equipped schools throughout Guatemala

+ 24,786 computers delivered

+ 542,419 children benefited

Dejando Huella

Volunteer program that carries out activities of social projection in the different communities of Guatemala.

Working Environment


Focused on our purpose of Transforming Lives, we improve employees´ quality of life within the organization through great work environments. We measure this through a Employee Satisfaction Survey through which we continually work on improving the work experience of all our associates.